Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

The Etekcity Remote Control Outlets are revolutionizing the daily lives of thousands of people by giving them control of any electrical appliance from a distance of up to 100 feet away. Adaptive RF technology broadcasts signals through walls and floors, controlling lights and appliances that are out of sight. Save time, money, and energy while simplifying your daily life.

The remote control outlets are delivered to your doorstep preprogrammed for quick installation and hassle-free use. Simply plug the outlet in and start controlling your electrical appliances with the included remote. 

Affix the RF remote to the wall with double sided tape or velcro to have it act as an easy-access light switch as you leave or enter the door. It's perfect for apartments, studios, and small businesses.

Etekcity outlets are ideal for the mobility impaired and handicapped, the wireless outlet remote give users instant control over lamps, televisions, and more with a simple press of a button.

Voltage over usage notice

Maximum capacity of the power input is: 120V/60Hz. Only 10 percent over usage is allowed on the noted specifications.

Etekcity outlets in countries that are allowed to use: USA, Japan and most countries in South America.

Countries with voltage at 220V and above are not allowed to use: China, Australia, or most countries in the Europe. If this device is used improperly in the countries listed above, there might be a potential to cause a burn due to the voltage over capacity.

Our remote outlets is prohibited to use under heavy rain. Make sure to keep the item stay away from water.

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