Easily Clear Your Google Search History

It shouldn’t shock you that Google knows a great deal about you as well as everything you say to Google is recorded and retained in a database. But, if you are mindful about your privacy, you are able to listen to everything and delete whatever you want.

Google created a new portal for all of your user account-related actions in June 2016. In this new portal you are able see your search results and manage your privacy settings. So, here is what you can do to locate and remove the any of the recordings from your voice searches.

1. Go to
2. Go to “Activity Control” located on the left side of the page
3. Go to “Voice & Audio Activity”
4. Look through the list and find anything you have searched for using your voice
5. Select the boxes next to the recordings that you would like to delete 
6. Finally click "Delete" to complete the process

Google saves much more information other than voice searches. Such as anything you have searched for will be saved as well. You are able to delete this history as well by following these steps.

1. While you are still in click on the three vertical dots on the top right of the browser
2. Next click "Activity Controls"
3. Finally select "Web & App Activity" and then click "Delete" to finish the process

You are also able to delete your device information, location history, and YouTube search history.

If you would prefer to prevent Google from tracking your searches permanently, go back to the activity controls page and turn off tracking by clicking on the toggle. Though, Google won’t stop recording anything you say just because you’ve turned off tracking or storing your searches. It simply means that your data is being saved anonymously rather than being connected to your account.

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