Want Privacy On Public Wi-Fi? Then You Need A VPN

Most of the public doesn’t recognize it, but logging into a public Wi-Fi network (restaurant, hotel, coffee shop) is really dangerous to your privacy and security. It makes you extremely susceptible to external threats. Just like your home Wi-Fi network, your internet traffic is directed to an internet router via radio waves. However unlike your home Wi-Fi, a public network is just that: public. Hackers are known to use programs called “sniffer software” to capture the information traveling from your smartphone/computer to the router. There are some hackers who even setup a bogus Wi-Fi hotspot in order to get your personal data delivered directly to them. Once either of these methods is established, the hacker can see anything on your screen as well as anything you type. This can include anything from the passwords to any accounts you access while on the Wi-Fi network. Think e-mail, bank accounts, social media sites etc. 

The best way to prevent this is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) when connecting to any public Wi-Fi. A VPN makes a secure tunnel that encrypts your data. But just like a home security system, if somebody has malicious intent and wants in bad enough, there is still a chance that they may get inside. However chances are they will go to the next house that doesn’t have that home security sign out front. Feel free to search the internet for VPN apps or software. Here are a couple of recommendations.

Tunnel Bear


Hotspot Shield Free Privacy & Security VPN Proxy

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