Tips to help prevent data loss!

Prevent Data Loss

There isn’t a single person who wants to hear someone tell you “I told you so”. This is even more true when you realize that you have just lost all of your computer data due to a hard drive failure. I’m going to offer up a few tips to help you avoid hearing those four dreaded words.

1. Make sure that any computer equipment is stored in a safe, dry and dust free area. More often than not the best places are those that don’t have very much traffic flowing in and out of the room. Doing these this simple step will help prevent any physical damage to the computer equipment.

2. In my opinion the most important thing you can is to make sure that you backup your data regularly, and make certain that your backups have been verified complete before you do anything else. If it is possible the best option is to use a cloud backup service. This gives you a good disaster recovery plan for you important data since it will be stored in an offsite location.

3. When your office, home, or facility that houses your computer equipment has a large power surge it can often times destroy your computer equipment but be warned that even low level surges can also damage the data stored on hard drives. The best solution for this is to invest in an UPS also known as an uninterrupted power supply. This will give you the protection during electrical storms or from any type of power spike. This will allow you to have time to backup and save your data when there is an outage.

4. You will also want to protect any computer equipment from static electricity which can result in the data loss or damaged technology. Most of today’s data storage media is becoming more and more susceptible to ESD also known as Extraneous Static Discharge.

5. If by some remote chance you haven’t heard of a “Computer Virus” then you will want to be aware that they can damage your computer equipment at any given time. The only prevention is to install a reliable virus detection program on your devices. Viruses can ruin a perfectly good computer system at any given moment.

6.In the event that you lose your computer data there are plenty of hard drive recovery services available that can restore your data. However, these services can sometimes be very expensive. The people who operate computer systems are only human. Physical components can wear out and break down. Good backups are good business.

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