Three Best Camera Apps for iPhone


Camera+ ($2.99)

Camera+ is one of the best iPhone camera apps available and it uses dual-camera support. It also offers advanced image processing, focus and exposure control, a choice of scene modes, and a built-in stabilizer option.

Camera+ now has a toggle switch so you can switch between the wide-angle lens, the telephoto lens (with extra zoom), as well as “duo” mode that combines them both. If prefer to manually choose your lens mode each time, then the option’s there, otherwise stick to automatic.

Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix Camera (Free)

Microsoft Pix is one of many Microsoft apps available for iOS and Android. It is loaded with smart technology to help get your pictures looking their best. It has the ability to automatically detect faces in the shot and adjust the exposure and color settings on the fly.

It also supports the iPhone 7 Plus dual-lens camera. A few other new improvements to the app include the addition of a decorative frames option and better white balance control to get skin tones looking accurate.


ProCamera ($4.99)

While ProCamera’s price is a little high it comes loaded with features, manual settings, and filters to help you do more with your iPhone camera. Such as taking advantage of the dual-lens setup that comes with this iPhone 7 Plus. It has a simple toggle switch that lets you switch between wide, dual, and tele lens.

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