Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill

Bacon Express
Bacon Express
If your kitchen counters are cluttered with food gadgets and appliances, you now have a good motive to free yourself of them all. The culinary visionaries at Nostalgia Electrics have made the only thing that you will ever need, The Bacon Express, which is basically a toaster that cooks delicious slices of bacon instead of bread.

The Bacon Express can really only be used for one task in the kitchen and that’s cooking bacon. The vertical heating element has sufficient capacity to hold six slices of bacon, and two doors to seal the heat, grease, and deliciousness inside. It has a dial on the side that lets you adjust cooking times, as well as a tray at the bottom which collects grease drippings so that you can easily dispose of them, or use for other purposes. 

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